Bryde – Less

Brilliant Photo by Lauren Withrow

One of the hottest things on our radar recently, alongside the unexpected arrival of Harrison Ford’s plane, are the impeccable sounds of Bryde. Once more teaming up with Bill Ryder-Jones on production duties, this latest droplet from an artist who is frustratingly not plastered all over every radio station, TV show and front cover shows her once more delve deep into her seemingly endless well of emotion to pull a whole herd of rabbits out.

Just to be clear, I did have to google what a collective group of rabbits was. Herd was somewhat disappointing, not like a parliament of owls. Now that’s a strong group name.

From a song titled ‘Less‘ this frustrating left me with a desire for more – if an extended version could be on the cards that would be great because it would save me from having to press play every few minutes. That voice. What a voice. So full of character, determination and a real sense of drive that doesn’t for a second shy away from telling the truth. Everything comes together to fire away more energetically than Jedward after a couple of Jägerbombs and the chorus is such a high that you’ll not need to buy a nicotine patch ever again. Every time her voice scales across its impressive range my heart stops beating for a second as I await the undoubtedly beautiful next step.

Bryde is just an out and out genius who I’m sure still has plenty hidden away in her locker. Every song so far has been a full-on screamer from 40 yards or so and, frankly, I don’t think she’s capable of anything less.

Ciarán Steward

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