HAUS – Gave You All

screen-shot-2017-02-22-at-22-02-15Who’s houuuuuse? Run’s houuuuuse! This is HAUS. I couldn’t help myself, leave me alone. There’s a bit of a nagging feeling in my brain saying ‘Oi, knobhead, this isn’t for you – you don’t like this’… But actually I kind of do. It’s not the guitar-heavy wrangler I’m usually neck-deep in yet still I’m being welcomed into the haus for tea, biscuits and a nice little sit down on a sofa covered in doilies.

Alright, this lot probably haven’t ironed a doily in their lives, but they do know how to get some BIGGG sounding pop tunes together that aren’t a total sack of shite. Maybe it’s because the chorus is just a wee bit removed from the norm and has my eyebrow up at a Dwayne Johnson level, or perhaps it’s the whiny voice that I’m secretly a little bit in love with as it blends a Fleet Foxes vibe with something a little less farmyard. The synths are pretty boss too – despite that awfully worrying moment at the end that had me thinking ‘oh god, this is going to turn into a club banger’. Thankfully it doesn’t and these boys just stay on the right side of the line to keep me from spitting on my own floor in disgust.

So I like this now. I’m not sure how long it’ll last but, for the moment, I’m more than just a little bit impressed.

Ciarán Steward

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