Lunch Ladies – You’re Not There

screen-shot-2017-02-22-at-21-36-32I find dream-pop works best when you can visualise yourself sat in the bath, something special from Lush on the go and a scented candle. Cinnamon, perhaps, or maybe a vanilla. Not that I’d ever do that, being the manly man I am… But I wouldn’t mind a quick dip with Lunch Ladies playing all around me – particularly if they’re being rowdy and have taken their hairnets off. Phwoar.

You see, dream pop only works when the guitars are this wave, the vocals are this distant yet intensely intriguing and the rhythm section adds that much needed ‘pop’ in the mix to keep your head from dipping below the bubbles and water going so far up your nose no cotton bud could ever save you now. The mix on this track is sublime, it fits more snuggly than that Mario costume I once bought in small because it was either that or XL and ultimately couldn’t wear it zipped all the way up without being potentially questioned about being somewhat of a sexual predator. Thankfully, I’m not. And, also thankfully, you can enjoy this beauty no matter how many clothes you have one. Or don’t.

I don’t often stray across the Atlantic for a ‘review’ any more but, to be perfectly honest, this lot have made me look at the cost of hiring a boat so I can get there in style to try and impress them.

Ciarán Steward

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