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unnamedSomewhat dreamier than you might expect when looking at these lads – not that they’re not potentially dreamy in their own way to the right admirers, oh God, I’ve got myself down a hole, I should probably stop typing… – SPINN‘s newest single feels so instantly free and accessible that you could welcome it into your home at any hour, offer it a cup of tea and it would be ever-so-polite. You might even get a compliment about your nice new net curtains.

It’s very much a pop song and, as vocalist Jonathon Quinn says: “To be honest it’s just meant to be something that’s good for the ears.” That refreshing honesty to just say ‘yeah, we wanted to write something fun’ is great to hear and undoubtedly comes across in the laid-back feel of the tune. There’s no farting about trying to be a bunch of clever dicks, they just get straight down to it and start blazing out some indie-pop goodness that’ll wipe the clouds away and leave you sat in your swimming cozzie out in the back garden unseasonably early. This lot had better be careful though, it might well be they find themselves being chased down streets in a Beatles-esque fashion some time soon if they continue to pound out such pleasant pop.

Go on, wipe the dust of your sunglasses, stick on the big light and pretend it’s already summer as the Scouse quartet jangle their way into your heart.

Ciarán Steward

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