Black Honey – Somebody Better

Screen Shot 2017-03-29 at 20.30.25Right then, it’s about time for the regular dose of “Here’s the latest track from Black Honey and here’s why they’re the best band in the world.” Sorry it’s a little bit later than usual but I couldn’t really get out of bed for weeks and, lets face it, you’ve already had this on endless repeat if you know the first thing about the band.

Slightly more pop-fuelled than their usual craic, ‘Somebody Better‘ sees the Honeyzzz deliver yet another chorus that you’ll have memorised to the letter before the track ends. Izzy B Phillips remains one of the greatest leading lights of her generation and when the band turn the fuzz right up (christ, that guitar is sublime) it takes me right back to the first time I saw them at The Garage in Islington some years ago in what may well have been another life for all involved. They’re such a tight-knit band they can get away with being more swag than a robber’s bag with a big £ on it. Everything about this newest beaut is just so charming, full of life and encapsulates everything the Brighton-based quartet seem to stand for. They’re surely going to get tired of writing absolute bangers sometime soon but this is far from a drop in form.

This is a proper single. Start to finish it’s unflinchingly Black Honey, it always is. There’s nobody better.

Ciarán Steward

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