Mt. Wolf – Heavenbound

Screen Shot 2017-03-29 at 20.04.21Time to say goodbye to several little bits of dust in your eye, the always-impressive Mt. Wolf are back with something so emotionally draining you’ll find yourself needing to be hooked up to a water drip to make up for the endless tears that are about to get all caught up in the keyboard of your laptop and quite possibly leave you with a hefty bill.

Make sure you’re listening to this with the best speakers/headphones you have because so much of that raw emotional power comes from the beautiful way that this is all crafted together and a massive ‘well done’ has to go to the fine person who produced this track. It’s as wrenchingly emotional as any aria you’ll ever hear, built into a pop song that’s such a stroke of a straight-forward genius you’ll be kicking yourself for not trying to make something equally awe-inspiring. The stunning voice that forever echoes The National returns and everything else simply shimmers behind it and is set up to captivate the imaginations of even the Mr Burns types among us.

This is excellent, truly excellent. I’m not crying, you’re crying. It’s my hayfever. I sneezed. I… oh forget it.

Ciarán Steward

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