INCA MAPS – That Wasn’t Easy

Screen Shot 2017-04-17 at 20.17.38Anyone that’s had the misfortune to have heard me ranting about music down the pub will know I’m always a little iffy when it comes to synth-led music. Now I’ll take Hot Chip any day over the week over a rank-average indie guitar quartet but my heart has always been with those six-string demons. Then again, someone like INCA MAPS comes along every now and again and I’ll start repenting frantically in the hope to one day sit among the key tar-adoring angels.

Yet again the London gents hit the bullseye, this time with a snails pace of a ripper that’s giving every last aural drop to grabbing you by the over-sized lapels, pulling you up close to its face and giving you a right big snog because it proper fancies you. Like, a lot. While the heart of the piece sees warming synth, delicate vocals and restrained drums become the pumpkin carriage of it all there are delicious sparkles flickering away off in the not-so-distance and a nice old indie guitar riff thrown in there. Which helps if you’re a stubborn git like myself who is far too stuck in his ways to bother keeping up with what’s actually ‘hip’. I’m only ruddy 25…

Anyway, here are five wonderful minutes of sonic joy that are going to make your day extra special. It’s basically aural cinnamon. No, nutmeg. Whatever’s tastier.

Ciarán Steward

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