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Premiere: Odd Couple – Flügge

Screen Shot 2017-04-19 at 13.24.34Odd by name, odd by nature – German duo Odd Couple get nice and spicy with new tune ‘Flügge‘ which relies heavily on a guitar sound filthier than the back of a bass amp that’s been lying dormant for many years in a darkened room.

With a vibe of The Black Keys mixed in with a desolate air of displeasure with the world at large, the resonating belter keeps you on edge throughout by constantly berating your eardrums as it cannons around sounds so intoxicating you might need a whole handful of paracetamol to calm yourself down. It’s a right slow builder, one that you’d probably argue over the full cost of the work with, but when that IDLES-esque vocal hits with aplomb you’ll (perhaps reluctantly) be willing to give them a tip that only the fanciest of dans would dish out in a restaurant. Don’t be afraid to let this one in, it might have one hell of a bark – and a bite, to be fair – but look straight into the puppy dog eyes of the sounds and open up your heart to this grunge-laden pearler.

Odd does well around these parts, surprisingly enough, and this is sure to give your day that much needed kick up the backside. Yummy. Oh, and the acoustic bit at the tail is a bit weird. Probably should have mentioned that earlier. Na.

Oh, and their album – also called ‘Flügge‘ conveniently – is out on 21st April and you should buy it. Yeah.

Ciarán Steward

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