Axel Flovent – Quiet Eyes

Screen Shot 2017-04-23 at 21.06.03Sometimes you’ve just got to admit you need something a bit mushy, dreamy and not your usual blend of mid-’00s indie guitars, Paul Simon’s Rhythm Of The Saints or anything that’s features in Scrubs (I am who I am, alright?). But, yes, this tender artwork from Axel Flovent is actually doing a little something for me this fine evening and I’m not really ashamed to admit that.

So what is it about the tender vocals, the beautifully slow rhythm of the track and the delicately crafted blend of classic pop beauties that’s attracting me to this so much? Well, er… I think I kind of just said it. There’s nothing ground-breaking or particularly unique about the track but it’d be a right good slow-dance at a wedding, a worthy accompaniment for an evening with a loved one in front of a roaring fireplace or to put on while contemplating past glories with a glass of wine. Don’t worry, I’m doing none of those things – just the usual combination of a mug of PG Tips and something edible but unhealthy (currently the ears of a Lindt bunny, if you must know).

But I’d recommend trying this one out as it’s a brilliant, shining example of how sometimes the smallest things can provide us with the biggest smiles.

Ciarán Steward

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