Colour Of Spring – Echoes

Screen Shot 2017-04-23 at 21.24.13SHOEGAZE ALERT! SHOEGAZE ALERT! Everybody stop whatever you’re doing and focus so intently on your laces that you’re bound to cause some concern among those around you but, seriously, this is a gauzy gem that you’re simply not going to want to miss. Colour Of Spring – a Leeds-based musical beat group, I believe – are about to flip your world upside down quicker than The Hulk after he’s landed on Thor’s Mayfair (complete with 4 hotels) during a tense game of Monopoly at wherever the Avengers are hanging out.

Of course, it’s mellower than yellow and more laid back than Homer Simpson in that episode when he gives up going to church. But listening to this isn’t going to result in Flanders saving you from your burning home after a cigar-related mishap. Oh no, this is only going to bring light into your life while making you also curiously want to stand and mope around in darkened rooms with other like-minded people who think this kind of thing is one of those gifts that only comes around every so often and should be truly treasured. It has all the charm of those pioneering old-school laces lovers while feeling fresher than a field of daisies that have just begun rearing their pretty little heads.

Don;t worry about the looks you might get, just keep on staring infuriatingly deeply into those loafers like there’s no tomorrow and everything will work itself out. Probably.

Oh, also, that artwork is boss.

Ciarán Steward

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