Heavy Heart – Fruitfly

Screen Shot 2017-04-23 at 21.16.28Having spent last year releasing a new song each month to keep listeners satisfied whether it be April or November, Heavy Heart have continued soothing the needs of their fans by releasing videos to accompany their top quality tunes. Now, I’m not much of a visuals person but I’ll admit I was very taken in by their stupidly ’90s style video that felt like it could have been Reel Big Fish if it weren’t for the fact the music going along with it was actually a healthy bit of something special.

The song itself, for that’s what I know, is nice and psyched out – there’s not too much in the way of progression but there’s never a feeling that it’s missing anything. The repetitive nature and hypnotic almost ‘can’t be bothered’ vocal delivery bring about a sense of ‘meh’ that encapsulated what some consider a golden era for musical outcasts. This isn’t about the London five-piece being lazy by any means, it’s about the way they’re able to make brilliant music with such subtle cues that it’ll feel like they’ve simultaneously done barely a thing and turned your world upside down.

It’s the wavy guitars, the production quality that feels like it’s melding together molten lava, the damn vocals that you just can’t escape the sheer genius of. It’s everything, it’s brilliant, it’s Heavy Heart.

Ciarán Steward

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