The Lightning Year – The Needle

Screen Shot 2017-05-08 at 20.43.21Straight out of the ’80s, just left of Depeche Mode, The Human League and all, the latest beaut from The Lightning Year feels nostalgic and brand new in one fell swoop – leaving you with the feeling that you’ve straddled decades to the extent that you might have a couple of rips in your favourite jeans. Never mind, pop down the charity shop and get some new ones, yeah?

The synths feel dated but in a way that makes them feel more like a tribute than a ‘we ain’t got nuffink better’ while the general feel of the song washes around in a flurry of glittering sparkles and pulsating baselines. It fills in all the gaps so you can’t let anything from the outside in as the London indie bandits cover all your senses and make it truly impossible for you to turn away or call for help. There can be no distractions here, you’re strapped in tighter than a nun’s bible. Whether you like it or not you like The Lightning Year now and you’ll be off to see them whenever they’re next remotely near your town because they’ve got a peculiar hold on you that might make you do the odd strange thing.

Or maybe you won’t see them, I don’t really care. But they’re right good yeah, so you probably should at least give them a listen or fifty.

Ciarán Steward

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