We Were Glue – Birthday

Screen Shot 2017-05-08 at 21.16.04If you’re the kind of sad sack who’s been reading this nonsense for a couple of years you might just about have a vague understanding when I say the debut corker from Scousers We Were Glue has the rumblings of Cavaliers about it. For anyone else, it’s like an up-to-date TDCC with vocals that are as dry as that washing my housemate hasn’t bothered to move off the clothes horse despite the fact I was probably still presenting a weekly radio show when he put it there (lol, remember that? Guys? GUYS???)

Self-indulgence over, for now.

This banging piece of indie-fuelled goodness gets as relentless as a bloke on Tinder who is SURE this next one will be the one because of the way she shows off her cleavage. It’s just shy of four minutes but in that time you get a full-blown gist of what this rambunctious bunch of scamps are all about as they flitter with romance, winking so coyly that you’ll be blushing like a perfectly cared for tomato. This foursome might not be one for the big indie scrapheap for a change, there’s a wee spark in the eye that suggests ‘We’ve got something here – keep tuning in‘.

Either that or they’ve just been staring into the sun for so long it’s got kind of ingrained on their eyes. Can that happen? I think that can happen.

Ciarán Steward

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