Shit Girlfriend – Mummy’s Boy / I Don’t Wanna Die

rsz_shit_girlfriendSometimes not giving a fuck is absolutely great. That’s exactly the laid-back, let’s just have some fucking fun approach Laura-Mary Carter (Blood Red Shoes) and Natalie Chahal (Natalie Bang Bang) have adopted as Shit Girlfriend. They came up with the project whilst eating Tacos outside the Playboy Mansion in L.A on Valentines Day and are set to release a totally wicked AA on awesome imprint PNKSLM.

This is a duo playing by nobody’s rules and having a damn good time and cooking up some killer rhythms whilst doing so. The first of which, ‘Mummy’s Boy‘, teams their respective affinities for driving, beat-ridden distortion and delicious pop hooks, making for an outrageously contagious debut that delivers in every single way – playful, empowering, tonnes of fun and whip after whip of glee.

That fun just oozing out is strongly converted into playful voices of empowerment as the duo churn out contenders for lyric of the year from “she made you this way, now I have to live with it every single day” to absolutely belting closer “I’m gonna go home, I’ll call an Uber and you’re a loser” – pure knarly sass bomb explosion. Fuck yeah.

Filthy new cut ‘I Don’t Wanna Die‘ ups the ante even more with scuzzy guitars bouncing off the walls on a relentless, extremely catchy punk explosion checking in at just one minute, fifty seconds. Damn.

Surely they’ll do an LP? It just HAS to happen.

Jake Marley

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