Get Inuit – All My Friends

2Jamie Glass might just be my new favourite person in the world. Sorry, mum. As he clowns around through the visuals for the latest storming track by his effervescent outfit Get Inuit I feel like I’ve found something of a kindred spirit. Well, either that or I’ve got a full-blown man crush – jury is out on that one.

Having been reliably informed that this isn’t green screen trickery, the video of our Jamie dressed up in full-blown clown gear prancing about around the capital gets nice and dark while retaining an upbeat feel in just the kind of sick, morbid fun that far more of us love than are actually willing to admit. The tune? Oh it’s absolutely on fire for start to finish with guitars that shine brighter than lighter flames, a rhythm section more intense than the moment you accidentally call out the wrong name on your wedding night and, of course, Mr Glass’s inimitable voice leading the line superbly as he gets across an all too timely and serious message in such a playful way that if your ears blink they might just miss it.

The four-piece are on their way to truly being at the top of the pops, whatever that means, and you should be fawning over them as shamelessly as I am. Why? Because you’re an absolute dilhole if you don’t.

Oh, and they’re at Dingwalls in Camden on Thursday 25th May – I bet it’ll be reet good.

Ciarán Steward

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