Cloves – California Numb

Screen Shot 2017-05-25 at 20.52.40All the leaves aren’t yet brown and the skies are far from grey, but somehow I’m still dreaming of California and it’s probably all Cloves fault. I’m not giving her any hassle for it, it’s more a nuisance that I keep moving my neck like I’m a right bundle of sass because of her cracking new tune.

Soulful as it is intoxicating, the mellowed out ripper shows why this young lady is filling out room after room with her incredible knack for writing a damn good song. Filled with inspiration in terms of both rhythm and downright fucking perfect voice, the words ‘one to watch’ shouldn’t even need to be uttered because if you’ve caught even the slightest glimpse of Cloves before and haven’t been tracking every last tune or video she drops then you need your ears tested. Choruses are catchy, verses are full of tales that’ll keep your ears on their toes (I never was much good at biology…) and whole songs are full of more characters than one of those Rick and Morty episodes where they do the Inter-Dimensional Cable thing.

This is a talent you should most certainly not be letting pass you by. Whether speaking softly or giving it the full belt, Cloves has just plain got ‘it’ and you need to get a ticket for this hype train before the prices sky-rocket.

Ciarán Steward

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