Milo’s Planes – Fidget In Paralysis

Screen Shot 2017-05-25 at 20.44.38In less than the time it takes me to work out where the buzzing of my alarm is coming from every morning, Milo’s Planes have smashed the doors down, ransacked the whole place and left a nice little present on my desk. No, it isn’t a turd – it’s their new(ish) single which clocks in at 81 seconds.

Like a rocket ship destined for the heart of the sun there’s no slowing these Bristolian punk addicts down as they rattle through the speedy song as if it were only a minute long. The guitars rage away with such a flaming intensity you’d be forgiven for splashing water in your face to make sure you’re not having a hot flush. There’s no time to sit down and settle in – this is more of an outrageously pleasant assault on the ears than your old man belting nursery rhymes into your ears from an uncomfortably close distance. When something is as much of a rapid-fire belter as this it all gets a bit frantic and the words seem to spill out before the sentence has even come to its senses.

You couldn’t even boil an egg in the time this beautiful screamer takes to engulf your entire life so why would you bother doing anything other than tuning into this?

Will Robertson 

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