Gentlemen – Corner Of Your Eye

Screen Shot 2017-05-29 at 14.12.43Corner Of Your Eye‘ is that cool looking bloke from an old-school movie standing on a dimly lit street underneath a flickering lamp light, smoking one of those super-thin ciggies, tossing an inconspicuously big coin and chewing on a toothpick as he lets out a wry grin. He, truly, is the epitome of Gentlemen.

Suave and sophisticated, as if his movements were choreographed by a baseline that both rumbles and toys with flickers of a well-enjoyed life, he dances through the night without a care in the world yet doesn’t want to ever let up this facade of being cooler than cool. He sounds as though he may have had some flirtation with Shaun Ryder’s motley crew and bumped fists with Bobby Gillespie once or twice, yet has moved into the 21st century. Hypothetically, of course. The relentless pursuit of perfection has seen him almost break into a sweat, before he realises that everything he has is because he’s not been afraid to stand out and be that mysterious figure in the shadows. He is the man we all want to be, the dream version of ourselves, the vagabond and aristocrat rolled into one.

I could definitely write that kind of porn it’s apparently alright for middle-aged women to read on the tube. This is gripping stuff. Anyway, this tune is boss – give it a spin, yeah?

Ciarán Steward

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