Johnny Kills – Let’s Talk About Me

Screen Shot 2017-06-05 at 13.34.51Let’s talk about Johnny Kills debut single because the trio who are neatly spread across the UK are about to blow the doors so far off it’ll take you at least an hour to fix that hinge and, quite frankly, we both know you’ve not got the time or willpower to actually do that.

This unbridled assault of guitar-driven alternative delight is enough to power you through even the most tedious of afternoons as the band fly so far off the metaphorical handle you’ll just have to have your fingers crossed that no windows get broken in the process. Catchy as glandular fever backing vocals will have you ‘la’-ing for days and the drive behind all of this ruckus is even more of a driving drive than that Ryan Gosling film that had something or other to do with cars. It’s not about trying to be too clever for your own good, these talented folks are just further into the music than a particularly rambunctious frog up a drainpipe that you really thought was a bit too small for him. But he’ll get there, oh he’ll get there.

Time to rock out with your socks out, or whatever that saying is. They say it’s not about how you start but, frankly, when the debut is this good I’m expecting a future England indie captain here.

(P.s. They’ve only gone and put a ruddy dinosaur on the cover. Why isn’t this whole thing I’ve just written about dinosaurs?)

Ciarán Steward

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