Colour Of Spring – Sun

Screen Shot 2017-06-23 at 07.31.29I’ve very much enjoyed making my way through Colour Of Spring‘s self-titled EP over the past few months as they drip-feed the shoegazey tunes at a rate slower than it takes me to get upstairs after a particularly heavy night.

This final instalment before the highly-anticipated EP actually arrives to be consumed in one delicious meal doesn’t let down the tracks that have gone before it, once more marrying up that infuriatingly irresistible dreamy aura with guitars that blare out like foghorns in the night. It’s hard to tell at times if you’re listening to a band who are absolutely working their fingers to the bone or if they’re chilled out in beanbag chairs without a care in the world. Either way, it doesn’t matter how they made these intoxicating tunes as they still go down smoother than a frosty glass of orange juice in the ridiculous mini-heatwave the UK has just gone through. This does actually get nice and big and the discordant guitar riffs are absolutely sublime, just when you thought you’ve got your head around a band they come out with just one more twist that makes you think ‘oh you’.

Bring on the EP. If you haven’t got the message already, this lot are top of the class.

Ciarán Steward

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