Mise En Scene – Waster

Screen Shot 2017-06-23 at 07.18.43Punching their way over the airwaves all the way from Winnipeg, Mise En Scene have an energy about them that’s just plain irresistible and their music will make your feet want to shuffle like there’s no tomorrow.

The upbeat, pushing rhythms roll into each other smoothly as the track races away like one of those horses in the Grand National who has lost its rider but still leads the race because it just plain loves running. This lot have got a real feeling of Blondie being dragged through a grunge-filled hedge as they keep things nice and alternative. It’s got that big ol’ slice of pop stylings running through the way it keeps so peppy yet it doesn’t stray into the realm of a pop tune as the voice of Stefanie Blondal Johnson gives that despondent, ‘too cool for school’ kind of delivery that for decades has made young people think ‘You know what, I’ll have a right bit of that’.

This one never settles down and you’ll do well to catch your breath with it floating around your head. But, then again, who wants that when you can be up and rocking with the best?

Ciarán Steward

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