Aihvhia – Don’t Look Back

Screen Shot 2017-06-25 at 10.03.24Imagine what Mumford & Sons would be like if you didn’t constantly feel a want to punch them in the back of the head. That’s kind of what Aihvhia sounds like, though I’m sure that’s unintentional.

This folk come African-drumming come indie tune does have a case of the Mumfords about it at times that probably needs checking out before it spreads, however, it also has plenty of other things that actually make it well worth listening to. As well as being able to pull on your heart strings like a child who is doubting the validity of Father Christmas’s beard, this feels like the kind of indie folk that should really be getting out there. It has something uplifting about it – whether that’s just in the motto of forever moving forward or if it’s just the fact that it feels so damn warm and cosy you’d love to go and give the lad a big old cuddle to say ‘cheers pal, this is exactly what I needed’. I’ll be honest, my initial reaction was incredibly sceptical but even by the end of the first listen to this beauty I felt it had done far more for my day than the several cups of coffee racked up beside me.

Don’t be looking back now, push on, try something new, try listening to this and being if it stirs something up inside you. If it doesn’t, fair enough, but if it does then… Well… You’re welcome, I guess?

Ciarán Steward

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