Desert Planes – Hot Cars In The Sun

Screen Shot 2017-06-28 at 12.01.28This is already a hit, isn’t it? I mean, it feels like this should already be getting played here, there and everywhere by anyone who knows the first damn thing about music. Desert Planes – well done. This is brilliant and you should be very proud, go get a big hug from your families.

The London quartet are following on from the stream of great new indie bands who are doing something a little simpler and much more easily accessible so that they can get big crowds dancing along to their infectious tunes, rather than just pleasing us sad types who sit in darkened rooms and think we have the right to tell you what’s ‘good’ or ‘bad’. Christ, this is just making me want to dance so much that if it weren’t for the eternal stonking hangover I’d be up on the table causing all sorts of havoc. Livelier than a flea on speed, the band channel some kind of effervescent energy to create a slice of indie pop what needs to be consumed like it’s a bit of cake that’s just about on the turn – quickly and without any use of cutlery.

I think I’m going to remember this one for a little while yet, you’d be wise not to forget it either.

Ciarán Steward

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