Seegulls – Eat, Lazarus, Eat

Screen Shot 2017-06-28 at 12.34.38KA-CAW! KA-CAW! Sorry, just trying to fit in with the seagulls because apparently they’re branching out into making music so I figured I should make some moves in their direction to help solidify the friendship. What? Seegulls? Oh, I’ve made a mistake. I did think it was a bit weird that chip-stealing, scrounger birds were doing such a good job with guitars. Fair enough.

Nice and rowdy anyway, the human band. Big sounds waving you on as if they’re actively TRYING to get me to get off my backside and rock out a bit. It gets pretty hefty going this and the brutally direct vocals are tastier than a warm Greggs pasty. Fire might as well come blasting out of the snare drum as the alt-rockers try their hardest to make so much noise they actually go full Lazarus and wake the ruddy dead. Hopefully we’re safe from a zombie apocalypse, for now, but top marks for trying to get Charlie Chaplin, Adam West and Uncle Phil back. That’s a pretty noble effort.

Anyway, this is right good and proper feisty like. Stick it on the stereo and piss the neighbours off. After all, they DID have that massive row recently…

Ciarán Steward

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