Joy Downer – Stranger Places

Screen Shot 2017-06-27 at 07.06.25So with the recent heatwave we’ve been experiencing in the UK, I come to you bearing the gift of summery pop perfection. SPP on this occasion comes in the form of a fabulous duo I recently come across on Balcony TV in Los Angeles, incidentally their hometown.

They’re Joy Downer, a combo very adept in making stunning sounds designed perfectly to lightly coat your summer. It’s more of a thin blanket fit for the beach than a quilt though, don’t worry.

First off you have to love the name, on the face value it’s a clear, yet seamingly clever contradiction, but it in fact gets even more satisfying if you delve a tad deeper (as of course I have). Joy Downer are in fact a husband and wife duo – Joy Bishop and Jeffrey Downer. Saw the link yet? Clever eh? I think so!

Now onto ‘Stranger Places‘. Again there’s a inner cleverness to proceedings. These two put a bit of thought into things and it hasn’t gone unnoticed at WCT HQ. Basically it’s a very creative take on a love song, combining a few exceptionally catchy riff sequences and a tonne of truly fantastic lyrical cuts to paint the picture whilst staying away from becoming too painfully loved up.

Listen for my S.O.S, if this ain’t love I’m in distress” is a real beauty, as is “we may be bailing out water with a sharp glass, but thunder clouds, well they always pass.” Bonus points if you can spot the geeky Lord Of The Rings reference plonked in the middle for good measure, I’ll admit it, it took me a few listens to latch on but you’ve got to admire the use of it.

Simply put they’ve nailed it here with a infectious summer pop track with enough clever and memorable lyrics to satisfy wordsmiths that pay serious attention to those sort of things. It checks loads of boxes and deseves every single press of the repeat button it’s inevitably going to get. Certainly a joy, a million miles away from a downer.

Jake Marley

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