The Strawberries – She Rhymes to Get Away

Screen Shot 2017-06-27 at 07.00.32You know that song, the one every band worth their salt has. Often found glistening away in live sets even from their very formative years. Generally an earworm, the type an emerging outfit’s fan base mutually take to and mark as the chosen one; gesturing to each other in intimate venues when the first chord is struck, appreciating it in any way possible upon hearing it, tweeting each other the minute it’s released online – the full works.

Well, for Leeds outfit The Strawberries that time has come. The stunningly sublime track I’ve christened “hook central” ‘She Rhymes To Get Away‘ has finally been released and it’s every bit as juicy as the live cut we’ve been treated to for months. Their infectious, huge sounding psych-pop licks have seen them develop into a prominent fixture in the revitalisation of Northern rock ‘n’ roll on the underground scene.

They’ve been busy sharing stages with The Coral, The Kooks, Blossoms and the like as well as playing some rammed clubnights for the mighty This Feeling. Whilst this summer has already brought a set at Isle of Wight Festival and there’s plenty more where that came from. They’ve just toured but they’re hard working lads so there’s no doubt another one around the corner. Get out and see ’em and get your ‘She Rhymes…‘ fix.

Sweet as a nut, or, err…a Strawberry.

Jake Marley

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