Indigo Husk – Goes Around Comes Around

Screen Shot 2017-07-01 at 11.06.01And now for a tasty bit of some blokes with guitars having a good old-fashioned mess about and coming up with something that’s actually not half bad. Here come Indigo Husk on a bus fuelled by a petrol tank tuned to that mid-’00s era of indie guitar music that some of us wish was still dominating the world of music.

It’s suitably lo-fi at points and feels so raw that I’m definitely calling in sick on Monday with salmonella or something. This has GOT to have beed made in a garage or somewhere else suitable for sparking up a quick J and having the aroma spill out across the space while four indie rockers from London go about their business with gleeful smiles plastered painstakingly across their faces. These guitars are annoyingly brilliant in the way they sound like a charity shop bargain – it’s the equivalent of when one of my colleagues legitimately picked up a set of cricket pads, complete with bag, for a fiver from the Salvation Army. What a ludicrously good deal that was.

So is this – you can pay absolutely nothing at all and still get to enjoy the ace vibes of this bunch of scoundrels doing something that can easily be summed up by one word. Boss.

Ciarán Steward

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