Two Hands Full Of… Hollows

When someone pays your band a compliment you hope nothing more than that it’s not just hollow words, lip service to appease your concerns rather than a genuine appreciation. Luckily, when I tell you that Hollows are ruddy brilliant and that you’re missing out if you’ve not listened to them before I’m being very, very serious. The north-west quartet strike a solid resemblance to Editors and seem to be forging their way up to become an alternative force to be reckoned with.

Here, the band picks ten WHOLE tracks they love and that they just couldn’t wait to share with you. Which member of the band loves Notorious B.I.G.? Only one way to find out… But first, here’s a bit of Hollows themselves…

Sean Davies – Hollows, Lead Vocals & Guitar

THE CURE – Letter To Elise

It’s really hard to pick one Cure song as there are so many albums. This one embodies what the band’s all about though. Lyrically Gorgeous….

At least I’d lose this sense of sensing something else
That hides away
From me and you
There’re worlds to part
With aching looks and breaking hearts
And all the prayers your hands can make
Oh I just take as much as you can throw
And then throw it all away


The guitar work is brilliant and the vocals seem to really show off Thom’s range. From one of my favourite albums of all time.

Josh Owen – Hollows, Bass


This track has great lyrics and I love how the whole song just builds into a massive outro. Also, the bass line in it is perfect.

ELBOW – Dear Friends

It’s just very chilled, I associate the song with finishing Uni as I listened to it when I was completing my final assignment, it definitely puts me in a positive mood.

Andy Hill – Hollows, Lead Guitar & Vocals


Their album, The Dark, Dark Bright, is probably my favourite of all time, I love the way they mash together elements of indie music, folk and post rock. Their singer, Nicky McManus’ voice is unreal too, I just wish they’d release some new music.


They managed to make music that’s progressive with its use of rhythms and strong structures, but don’t end up sounding self-indulgent or that they’re trying too hard. They’re catchy, unique and write some really great guitar riffs.

Conor Williams – Hollows, Drums

JUICY – The Notorious B.I.G.

You just get that glorious summer feeling from this track and it gets you motivated for whatever you’re doing.

FOALS – Spanish Sahara

The ambience and sounds in this tune are tingling, it builds epically into a beautiful and powerful track.

Full Band Picks

EDITORS – Smokers Outside The Hospital Doors

We’re all fans of the band and they definitely have an influence on us. The delayed guitar tones, straightforward but dynamic drumming and Tom’s vocals on this particular track all come together so well. Dark and moody is what we like and Editors do it pretty well.

NEW ORDER – Ceremony

Being bigger fans of Joy Division material than New Order in general, it’s strange to pick this track. It’s the closest you’ll probably get to the changing of the band and a look at where the sound might have been going. Performed and recorded brilliantly by New Order but carried by the lyrics written by Ian – beautiful!

Get more Hollows.

Ciarán Steward

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