The Shakers – Guess Who

Screen Shot 2017-07-24 at 13.58.34One of those bands who seem to just align so perfectly with summer they might as well be in hibernation for the rest of the year, The Shakers came back recently with a track purely dedicated to their unbridled love for an old school board game. Oh, it isn’t? Pfft…

Despite the fact they’re not singing lyrics like ‘Does he have ginger hair‘ or ‘Is it Bernard‘, this is still an incredibly enjoyable listen as they channel all kinds of summer sunshine – think ‘Aeroplane‘ style RHCP but they’ve got their tops on. Funky as it is fabulous, this latest tune from the London quintet sees them go full-on slacker and fit right in to the rhythm of the party without ever wishing to cause a scene. This is the kind of tune that works just as well on a lazy Sunday morning as it does in the middle of a hectic Saturday night house party that ends with you routinely with your head into a bin that you’ve had since a kid where the lid is secretly a tiger but you got rid of that so as not to look like you still have a child’s bin even though you’re 25 now Ciarán and you really should grow up.

Sorry about that…

Anyway, this is right good music and you should listen to it because it’ll make you feel fresher than Snoop Dogg’s Tanguerary Gin & Juice. Seriously, how did that collar not happen sooner?

Ciarán Steward

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