Anna Tosh – Weightless

Screen Shot 2017-07-25 at 17.50.12Things that are weightless: The bubbles in an Aero, the thoughts of a particularly dull chimpanzee and a pork pie hat in zero gravity. Alright, anything in zero gravity. Oh, and apparently this new tune from former Wildhood, Love Nor Money, Hey Gravity and Shotgun Venus guitarist Anna Tosh. It’s surprisingly light, with a blend of feather-like vocals and guitar sounds that feel like they could have come out of some drug-addled jam session gone far too right.

There’s more than just a mere touch of PJ Harvey’s influence about this as it takes on an other-worldly vibe, feeling at times like it’s years ahead of the rest of us as it waves from the window of a flying car. The sparsity makes for an utterly gorgeous sound which resonates throughout the track as the vocals harmonise sweeter than the aforementioned Aero, bubbles and all. This isn’t the sort of tune that’ll suit the indie-bopping kids but for anyone who wants to relax in a comfy chair and listen to something that feels like you’re getting some kind of deeper sensation from music then this is spot on.

Grab your best cardigan from the cupboard, pick out your finest pipe and lounge your way into this ‘Weightless‘ world while nodding firmly with approval.

Ciarán Steward

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