Hazel English – That Thing

Screen Shot 2017-08-03 at 20.55.48Whatever formula Hazel English has been using these past 12 months, I hope she never alters it. Throughout the last year or so her releases have been magical; beautifully crafted, lovingly released and incredibly consistent.

English, a 25 year-old Californian-based Australian has an effect on you that many can only dream of. It’s dream-pop with heart-shaped eyes, occasionally dipping its toes into a fizzing pool of psychedelic prosecco.

Her latest glass full ‘That Thing‘ is a tad different from its predecessors. It’s equally dreamy, at times full on dreamboat in fact, no let up there (thank god), the slight change in fact sees English take her first steps into full on pop territory – the result? Arguably her finest moment to date, even a hint towards possible future direction?

The new wave-ey synths are truly lovely, never overpowering her mesmeric vocal, simply filling the gaps and flowing underneath crisp, lo-fi guitar lines. It also boasts an absolutely killer hook.

It’s no surprise to me to later learn that English worked with producer Justin Raisen (Lana Del Rey, Sky Ferreira, Charli XCX) on this track – the man who also produced Angel Olsen’s quite sensational My Woman.

Funnily enough, English at times reminds you of Olsen, even months ago. I guess she presses your buttons in similar ways, they both totally blow you away in style, that’s for sure.

Hazel English – we love it when you do your thing, keep doing it, loads and loads please…

Jake Marley

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