The Vryll Society – Shadow Of A Wave

Screen Shot 2017-08-03 at 20.50.09It’s been a pleasure as a Liverpool native to witness the remarkable rise of one of our own – The Vryll Society. (#TheVryllAreBrill – Ciarán)

The tunes just get bigger and bigger, as do the shows, tours and festivals. It’s Mersey music magic of the purest kind. Infectious and wonderful to see and be a part of.

That statement above about the tunes getting bigger stands true when you’re sat just a few yards away from a speaker bellowing out their killer new slice ‘Shadow Of A Wave‘. The evidence stacks up further if you’ve also beem just a few yards away from the lads churning out each and every huge, groovesome beat of it live on several occasions.

There’s certainly an argument Vryll are coming to the boil just at the right time. Plans are being finalised for their debut long player and there’s another batch of shows on the way in October (a few of which see them joined by the equally phenomenal White Room), following the concluding two shows of their huge hometown triple-header, joined by some of Liverpool’s finest new blood.

I’m reliably informed there’s a few big guns yet to be unveiled but there can be no doubt, as of now this is their biggest yet – tight, boppy, even a tad poppier but still very much belting, relentless Vryll goodness. Party on, man.

Jake Marley

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