Suzi Wu – Teenage Witch

Screen Shot 2017-08-03 at 20.36.03Lucky Number Music put out their fair share of gems (Dream Wife and Hinds to name but a few), so naturally they’re one of my go to independents for new talent. Their latest unveiling ‘Teenage Witch‘ – the debut release from 19 year-old Londoner Suzie McDermott, a.k.a Suzi Wu  is pretty exciting.

Inspired by that mid-teenage phase; quit sixth form, late nights, no mornings, days flying by without trace. It’s something I can relate to and I’m sure many others can too. As Suzi poetically states – a drive thru life.

It’s very clever, rough-edged, honest suburban pop – there’s attitude and stark realism plastered over every single inch. None more so than that charming opening line of poetry – “ashes to ashes, dust to dust, guys are fuckboys, girls are sluts” – lovely.

Further charm stems from a unwavering desire to be far from pristine musically. Deliberately styled in an edgy, slightly unpolished manner to suit the ducking and diving lifestyle path it’s so eloquently detailing through lines like “I’m too scared to live, too stoned to die.”

Its beating heart is so relatable and lyrically it’s completely on the money, that goes a long way. Suzi Wu, certainly a name to note. We’ve a star on our hands ‘ere.

Jake Marley

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