Some Kind Of Playlist – #2

Got nothing better to do? Good, here are some sounds that you should listen to and you might lies at least two or three of them. Most of these were missed while I was on my Summer Holidays (Read: Working lots) but all of them are worthy of your ears.

Go on, try them all on – here’s a brief guide to what’s on the menu;

Sunset Exotic – Bit of a surfer/stoner vibe going on, mixed with recordings from both a tin can and a planetarium. Probably.

Prawn – A cocktail (worth it) of pounding drums, dreamy guitars and blissful vocals thinking about last summer.

Gold Class – Killer bass on this indie ripper, straight out of Bruce Loxton’s brain and into an old school indie soon not a million miles from what would happen if Sparks got a bit grumpy.

White Room – Predictably magnificent, seriously this is utterly gorgeous and deserves a good shake of the hand.

Bengal Lancers – If you liked the mid-’00s indie scene you’ll be right into this, not too shabby.

SHINERS – From the intro this could go anywhere and it just about manages to head off in every single direction at once.

Cones – Smoother than a vat of caramel and softer than a rabbit made of cotton wool.

Motherhood – Proper peak indie pop, very pop and very indie. Is nice.

Palm Honey – One of the best bands in the world. This is sublime, they’re amazing, why are they so low down this list?

Jitterz – Because let’s fuck shit up every once in a while, get your rage on. Always end on a high.

Ciarán Steward

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