Mono Club – Sky High and Submarine

Screen Shot 2017-09-14 at 07.49.11If you like The War On Drugs but always thought they could go just a smidgen more pop, this latest tune from Mono Club should be the exact prescription you’re after. The London-based five piece get so chill you’d be sure they were lying flat on their backs while recording ‘Sky High and Submarine‘.

It’s such a charming tune, filled with melodies so light you’d expect them to be played on tropical beaches or at a classical guitar concert where the forty-something musician tries to play something ‘cool’. This whole track has a weightless quantity to it that makes it such an easy, enjoyable listen that you could quite easily shut your eyes while tuned in, only to open them again and find you’re two hours late for work and you just lost that big account. The boss is going to be pretty angry, maybe you should play him this as there’s no way on earth anyone could maintain any level of rage while this floats around, gently caressing their brain cells.

So sweet and accessible, here’s one for you to enjoy that’s fat free, sugar free and worry free. Absolutely top drawer.

Ciarán Steward

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