White Fever – Everyone’s Got Their Price

Screen Shot 2017-09-13 at 07.55.37Well this is just the perfect tonic to wash down with that morning cuppa. It’s bittersweet and anthemic; an endearing fusion of optimism and melancholy. Played by a talented band – an equally endearing fusion of Britain and Scandinavia.

And can’t you just hear those expansive, wide open Scandinavian landscapes in White Fever’s music? Man. The heartbeat of this track is punctuated by clanging delayed guitar, whilst etherial synths and wispy vocal harmonies. And, instead of wallowing in cavernous textures like some inebriated Brian Eno cover band, everything about it is punchy and bright; driven by lively tom-tom rhythms and a galloping bass line.

Lyrically, it’s a decidedly wistful observation of a society so deficient of self-esteem. It can be so easy to compare yourself to others, but in the face of friends and contemporaries who seem to be doing so well, this song invites one to seek solace in the remedial thought that “at least I’m making mistakes better than them”.

Though really, there are not too many (if any!) mistakes on this track. A spellbinding and comforting pop song which is pretty catchy too. More of the same please, folks.

Joshua Hill

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