The Extons – Grown Ups

Screen Shot 2017-09-13 at 08.03.07Prepare yourself for a slice of The Strokes so carefully packaged up into a band from King’s Lynn that not even a single speck of icing hasn’t made the finished product. The Extons channel Mr Casablancas and co as they go about rampaging through the city streets with this absolute belter.

Complete with catchy chorus and peak distorted guitars, this’ll have you hooked in within an instant as if if were a juicy, juicy maggot and you a not-too-bright little fishy destined for a dishy. With a racing pulse that’d have doctors concerned for a human’s well-being, this rips right through any sort of sense and sensibility by thundering along with big riffs and bigger drums in tow. But the heart of the brilliance here is the voice of Will Barnes which has more character than a Game Of Thrones book, wrapped up in – as previously mentioned – a Julian Casablancas styled package. In my book, that’s never a bad thing and I’d never kick it out of my ears.

Paced like a cheetah, full of more aural goodness than a Song Of Praise boxset and catchier than whatever it is that’s making my nose itch, this is a right winner.

Ciarán Steward

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