The Ghibertins – Where Are We Now?

Screen Shot 2017-09-22 at 15.06.37For two minutes and fifty five seconds, I am on a dusty highway somewhere in mid-western America. The flickering light of a Motel sign buzzing over my head. Alone, battered and bruised; disenfranchised by a government who are waging wars not only on foreign soil but against their own people.

Atmospheric and politically-charged, ‘Where Are We Now?‘ asks some important questions.

The song builds through an unsettled folk melody. On top of the soft whirring organ chords, Electric guitarist Lorenzo’s chords are rich with vibrato, and Alessio’s vocals are desperate and sorrowful. It’s a thoroughly engaging and ghostly protest song.

Then, fifty seconds from the end, something miraculous happens. The acoustic guitar vamps for a few bars. A weighty drum fill cuts through the acoustic guitar. And… blimey! I am in Milan! A soaring jazz trumpet lifts the track to a whole new place. It is a beautiful, totally unexpected and hugely cathartic closure to the track.

Comparisons have been drawn between The Ghibertins and the likes of Ben Harper & John Mayer, but I implore you to agree that this is something much more interesting. Captivating in style and spellbinding in execution, ‘Where Are We Now?‘ more than deserves a place on your playlist.

Joshua Hill

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