Honey Lung – Stuttering Mind

Screen Shot 2017-09-24 at 20.12.45Charming in delivery, full of warmth and with a voice that makes you know he understands. No, I’m not talking about David Lammy, it’s a relatively new song from Honey Lung that’s equally as approachable as the Labour MP and probably a fair sight more musically talented (I assume).

Stuttering Mind‘ sees the London quartet get nicely removed from the mundanity of reality, opting instead to head out on a limb and into the wonderful feeling world of shoegaze – and doing so remarkably well. Building from a relatively simply guitar riff, the song turns from a potentially predictable drop of indie landfill into something more fizzling with character than a high class pantomime. Slacker but never lackadaisical, the vibes from the foursome are very much that they’re in control of their own destiny and that’s exactly how they like it. Convention isn’t important, life is all about making it your own and doing the things you want to do – regardless of the consequences.

Unless what you want to do is really naughty, probably don’t do that. In fact, just listen to this song rather than acting on random impulses. That’ll do you much better.

Ciarán Steward

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