Pip Blom – Babies Are A Lie

21752831_1192114867598975_9042739912216117877_oSo my world has been turned upside down. As far as I was aware, babies were real and some people have even tried to convince me that I actually once was one – can you believe that?!?!? Luckily Pip Blom is on hand to dispel those tasteless lies and does so with a ludicrously good song.

More casual than smart, the vocal delivery is a drawl that reeks of knowing just how good it as and not giving a damn. As verses flow by as if an off-the-cuff remark, the choruses sit as a polar opposite – showing nothing but enthusiasm for the slice of musical genius they’re laced with as if it were simply sugar over Turkish Delights/cocaine over a ’60s groupie (delete as applicable). Those it does almost hit the 3-minute mark bang on this proves repeatedly to not just be your average pop song. In fact, I’d wager that none of the band have ever worn chinos and probably none of them could tell you who won Love Island. It was Amber and Kem and not a day passes where I wish I didn’t know that without Googling it.

But back to real talent, this is ‘all killer, no filler’ as I’m sure someone once said.

Ciarán Steward

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