Estrons – Cold Wash

Screen Shot 2017-10-13 at 15.14.22When Estrons put a new track out you take notice. Why? ‘Cause they kick ass.

Their new track is a right ripper! Clocking in just under the three minute mark, ‘Cold Wash‘ is bursting with bouncy, wall to wall riffs and a fucking killer vocal performance from Taliesyn Kallstrom.

Lyrically, it’s about trying to wash someone out of your life who won’t go without a fight. Trying to rid yourself of bad habits, both via others and within yourself and the difficulty of making fresh new habits stick in their place. It’s penned from two perspectives – one pushing for change and one holding on. Something a lot of us can relate to one way or another.

Kallstrom said last year: “When my life’s going alright, the songs are rubbish” – so we send our love cause this one’s bloody brilliant. It’s certainly not a surprise though. Estrons always deliver – both via the studio and on stage live. That’s long been the case, they’re a well oiled powerhouse, on both counts.

Estrons thrive on anything oddball that hits them. It’s their mantra, after all Estrons is Welsh for misfit. Their songs have been conceived in nightclubs, in police cells, on beaches and everywhere in between. Their influences are all over the place, always have been and you’d safely guess always will be. That’s what makes them tick, that’s what makes them great. Just for god’s sake don’t call them a punk band.

You lazy shit.

Jake Marley

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