Nilüfer Yanya – Baby Luv

Screen Shot 2017-10-13 at 15.24.15It’s always great to hear new tracks from a songwriter of Nilüfer Yanya‘s ilk. She really has a knack for creating beautifully pure songs from seemingly the simplest of beginnings. She creates a quite beautiful atmosphere whenever she picks up her guitar and begins a new tale.

Earlier this summer, Yanya released Golden Cage – a track I was blessed to hear for the first time on Huw Stephens’ show on Radio 1, through a twenty year-old radio, sitting around a campfire in jaw-dropping surroundings of Snowdonia. Hearing a stunning piece of music like in that setting is something everyone has to do. It’s great for you and should be prescribed on the NHS.

Her latest, ‘Baby Luv‘ (which there’s a stunning live BBC Introducing version of knocking around somewhere), again sparkles with purity, centering on a singular snaking guitar riff, allowing her enchanting vocal work to do the talking, setting the atmosphere once again.

Each branch of the Nilüfer Yanya tree is sacred, I just hope to be back beneath Mt. Snowdon when her next branch drops.

Jake Marley

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