Wylderness – 72 & Sunny

Screen Shot 2017-10-15 at 15.32.31Won’t you take a trip with me, out into the Wylderness? The Cardiff/London-based foursome have really got their shoegaze nailed and they bring all kinds of aural pleasure on new track ‘72 & Sunny‘.

While there’s plenty of that Jesus & Mary Chain vibe, the band take things a touch more pop than your average fuzzy outfit and manage to somehow bring a pop song into the world of shoegaze without anyone batting an eye. The guitar riff, drenched in more effects than the upcoming Justice League movie, is a constant source of killer vibes as it reverberates around inside your head relentlessly and with no care for the health of your braincells. This isn’t just your average ‘if you go down to the woods’ kind of trip, it’s something oddly sweeter and more measured. There’s ne’er a point you feel the band aren’t fully in control and the way they almost manage to make fuzz into music for sunny days feels like a special treat you only get once a year on your birthday.

This is some lovely, lovely stuff.

Ciarán Steward

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