Sølv – Codeine

Solv-CodeineLast year London-based artist Sølv blew me away with her debut EP Black Ink – a record awash with minimalist beats, bluesy guitar lines and delicate yet intense crescendos. The stand-out from that record, ethereal trip-pop gem ‘I’m Your Gun‘ really set an exciting tone for her future. Since then she’s hidden away, keeping a low profile, clearly working on something phenomenal to better her luscious last.

Now she’s back with the first taste and title track of her follow-up EP Codeine, due in December and, as expected, it’s next level. She’s marked her return with a moody slice, in many ways picking up where ‘I’m Your Gun‘ left off nearly a year ago. Purging, emotively intense vocals are ushered to the front, as ambient electronic layers drip alongside; flourishing to suit, remaining minimal to suit.

It’s certainly a case of less is more, something that’s usually existent within Sølv‘s tracks. Her distinctive style grips you; when you’re in, you’re in. That connection you make with her tracks, whether it be the lyrics, meaning or even just a small part of it’s inner workings, is something only the best artists can force. Cleverly titled, ‘Codeine‘ (a real life pain-killer), is a track about developing a connection with someone to the point that they become your pain relief.

As a track, as a meaning, as a basis for more. It most certainly acts as a reminder to the music world, of what she’s capable of.

Jake Marley

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