Johnny Kills – Not So Bad

Screen Shot 2017-10-19 at 08.42.35Of course we’re going to write about the brilliant new single from Johnny Kills. Of course we’re also going to repeatedly plug their appearance at London’s The Finsbury for us on 26th October. This track is exactly the sort of reason why we’ve handpicked them to perform – because it’s so much of a ripper that they could consider changing their name to Jacky Kills.

While the eternal question ‘Who is Johnny and why does he kill?’ may remain unanswered, the band show off a slightly lighter see by channelling Pixies and other ’90s luminaries with a fairly stripped back new tune. This isn’t quite as thrashed and feisty as some of their previous offerings but it has such a swagger about it that LG would surely have to give it a tip of his cap and an ‘as you were’. ‘Not So Bad‘ as a title is such an understatement for something that sounds this good and a hearty handshake needs to be dealt out to each of the trio as if to thank them for their years of service. Even though they’e barely been here a minute or two.

Oh, and here’s that link again so you can book your spot to see them live and watch me drink the night away.

Ciarán Steward

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