Deflectors – Almost Ballet

Screen Shot 2018-01-10 at 13.46.04Almost Ballet‘ may be one way of describing what the fanciest of footballers do on a routinely basis. It could be how your mum described your attempts at musical theatre when you were 16. In this context it applies to the new sounds from Deflectors, obviously. I mean, come on – you MUST have known that by this point.

Suitably off-centre with a garage rock vibe that leaves you feeling ever-so-slightly uneasy and missing even the faintest scent of polish – there must be so much dust in their homes – it’s the right way to kick off 2018 on a foot that’s not entirely sure how to balance correctly. Never entirely sure in whether it’s a surf rock tune or not, the wavey guitars are more than welcome while it’s a little too cold outside for a beach BBQ and they work as a solid contrast against the vocals which feel tailor-made for being shouted in a dark, dismal basement venue filled with half-drunk punters with nothing better to do on a Tuesday evening. Somehow this feels light and dark at the same time – as if it were leaping back and forth between the shadow of a building and a burst of unseasonable sunshine.

It’s almost genius. Alright, maybe not. But I needed a snappy way to finish this. So…

Ciarán Steward

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