Corniglia – Strange Desires

Screen Shot 2018-01-11 at 13.16.52Strewth! Aussie psychedelic shoegazers Corniglia have written a little ditty that could be enjoyed no matter where… something something billabong… something something loosely xenophobic but most inoffensive and without malice… Anyway, this is a belter of a tune that you need to get shifting through your lobes.

Unapologetically sombre, there’s no real ‘kick’ as it were due to the track being able to survive (and indeed thrive) on a diet of being more casual than slippers and your pyjamas. It’s nice and ethereal without any real care for a sense of direction, not to be confused with a sense of purpose which it has in droves. This is a time for deep self-relection and looking inwardly like a yoga teacher might advise you to. With what appears to be a very genuine DIY feel about it, the pair master melancholia without so much as a second thought and they instantly leave you to wallow in your own thoughts while they offer up no support other than something that’ll have your ears thinking all is right with the world.

Don’t expect any fireworks but if you want some time to chill in your own headspace then you might just have found the perfect accompaniment.

Ciarán Steward

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