Leeches – Stranger

Screen Shot 2018-01-10 at 13.46.04Hi there, you look a little bit lost. Why don’t you come in from the cold, put your wet jacket over on the radiator and get yourself comfortable? Oh, me? I’m just a ‘Stranger‘, don’t you worry. You’ll be in safe hands. Them? Oh, they’re Leeches and they make music that’ll raise your eyebrow quicker than The Rock ever dreamed of.

They’re bunch of Bournemouth-based fuzzmongers with a visceral talent for tripped-out tunes that’ll blow you into next week. Hints of that Gizzard band, Goat and other psychy dons combines with vocals that sound like when Muse were relevant and guitars that would make Marc Riley sit up and say ‘Ay up, this is reet good it is’. Somehow ‘Stranger‘ manages to have that rusty ‘made in my parents’ garage’ feel at the same time as being a polished bit of fuzzy genius that’ll have you hooked on each last tip of the bassline. It never goes over the edge in the heavier moments and the pop sensibilities that begin to creep in never overstay their welcome, keeping their shoes on at all times as if they’re ready to leave at a moments notice because they saw a leech on the sofa.

So, do you want to go get your bus or are you going to stick around and enjoy the music?

Ciarán Steward

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