Sports Team – Beverly Rose

25075101_1627226230671922_8046370993570542207_oOne of the best live bands on the London scene by a country mile at the moment, Sports Team recently put out the video for their belter ‘Beverly Rose‘ and it’s the perfect look for their extremely swaggerful tune.

Frontman Alex Rice is the band’s biggest selling point, though in truth the rest of them make some cracking music behind him. But there’s something about having such a distinctive voice that’s full of character and matched by a set of facial expressions he’s clearly ordered from an online Mick Jagger catalogue. A medium pacer with a dab hand at catching the batsman off guard, Rice’s appeal is of a timeless rockstar who simply dominates the stage – whether this be at a gig or when he’s inexplicably reading the Daily Ex***ss in the bath, you simply can’t take your eyes off him. There are some quality guitar riffs in this belter too, plus the rhythm section deserve a fair whack of applause for sticking it all together despite any distractions.

You’ll be hearing lots more about Sports Team for sure and, even if you have to beg, steal or do unsavoury acts, you need to get to one of their epic gigs on a small stage while you still can.

Ciarán Steward

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