Wylderness – Peripheral Vision

Screen Shot 2018-03-12 at 06.51.40Let’s go on a lovely little day trip out into the Wylderness. If you pack the picnic, I’ll bring along this record I’ve been listening to. Yes, I know that means you have to pay for something and I don’t, but I really think this is worth the price of those grapes and a couple of the nice sausages you like, at least.

In return for your hard work at the shops, in the kitchen and at the picnic basket emporium, I bring you gazy sounds from a Cardiff-based quartet who have a real knack for bringing a big industrial space into your cute little ears and sounding like they’re far too cool for any kind of summer picnic-related activity. Instead, they’d clearly rather be in a dark, smoky room filling whatever space there is left between the thickening air with some gorgeous shoegaze riffs. They’ve got vocals calling out from afar, a rhythm section keen to get you motor running and more guitars than you could fit in a Mini Cooper, for sure.

So come on out into the countryside and take a nice long listen to the joys of the Wylderness.

Ciarán Steward

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